Welcome to winter! It's tough to keep warm no matter how much you bundle up during the long cold winter. Looking for some fun inside activities to do with your kids to get you through another winter season?   

Here's a list of ideas from About Parenting.com to keep your kids entertained during this winter.

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    Go Bowling

    Bowling is a fun filled activity for the entire family. Plus, it will get the kids out of the house!

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    Go Roller Skating

    A fun way for kids to get some much needed exercise and for you to burn off plenty of calories!

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    Play Board Games

    This is a great way to spend some quality family time together, and exercise their minds.

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    Stop By Your Local Library

    A great way to get the kids out of the house and get them excited about reading. The library also offers plenty of activities to keep the kids busy.

  • vasabii

    Indoor Treasure Hunt

    This would work well during a snow storm. Hide things around the house for your kids to find. Give them clues on where to find things hidden all over the house.