It's National Drink Wine Day -- though let's be serious -- isn't that everyday?

ANYWAY, in case you're feeling especially festive, here are 5 New Jersey wines that are too good to miss!

  • Tomasello Vineyards

    Tomasello Winery Blackberry Wine

    This is one of my favorite's made from 100% blackberries, and it's a little on the sweet side, which makes this perfect with desserts OR to cook with! (Seriously, it makes the most amazing sauces.) Tomasello's cranberry wine is also delicious, but really, all of their fruit wines are awesome. The price is pretty sweet too - $11.95

  • Valenzano Winery

    Valenzano Winery Old Indian Mills Blend NV

  • Unionville Vineyards

    Unionville Vineyards Chardonnay 2013

    If you're a Chardonnay fan, this is one of the best around. It's slightly fruity, but not in an overbearing's still a perfectly silky glass of wine that I could drink all day! $16.95

  • Heritage Vineyards

    Heritage Estate 2012 Syrah

    I love red wines, and Syrah/Shiraz wines are perfect for people who love full-bodied bold wines. This will be harder to find than others on the list, as it's sold out online, and you may have to hunt for it at your local wine shop. $25

  • Beneduce Vineyards

    Beneduce Vineyards Three Windows White Riesling

    We go back to the lighter side with this one. This is not a sweet Riesling, but rather a delicious crisp, dry, fruity wine great with something spicy to warm you up on this cold day!