Back by popular demand, here is one more round of pictures from the 2013 South Jersey Lifeguard Races for you to examine and tell us which is your favorite. 

The Lifeguard Races are one of my favorite summertime South Jersey traditions. The races are exciting and entertaining and a great way to see the finest lifeguards we have doing what they do best.



It takes a potent mix of athletic ability, endurance, and knowledge of the ocean to compete in these races, and the men you see here have all those skills.

The Lite Rock Lifeguard Races also gives us a chance to celebrate the wonderful photography of Michael Martin.  Michael has published a book called “South Jersey Lifeguard Races”, which is a collection of photographs of Lifeguard competitions at the South Jersey Shore. He's also an accomplished portrait photographer.

This round of pictures features Brigantine's Shane McKenzie, Sea Isle's Blake Trabuchi-Downey (whom you may remember from last summer), and Ocean City's Brian Pasternak. Give all the pictures a good look and then vote for your favorite. If you really like one of these shots, or you know the lifeguard in the picture, make sure you tell your friends to vote for it too!

Listen for voting updates with me on the Lite Rock Morning Show with Eddie Davis.  And as always, good luck to the lifeguards as another amazing summer season draws to a close.