Thanks to Facebook friend Bill McGinley for letting me know about this promotional video of 1951 Atlantic City.  What an... incredible look back at Atlantic City in its post-World War II prime!

There are wonderful pictures  of Miss America contestants, the Atlantic City skyline, Margate, the Atlantic City Racetrack and the vibrant, circus-like atmosphere that was the Atlantic City Boardwalk in 1951 .

Even the old-time orchestrated production music takes you to a different time. So does the man narrating, who has that same voice it seems was used in every documentary or training film from the 1950's!

As you'll see if you read the film's comments, the video brings mixed emotions from viewers.  It's cool to look back at how things used to be in Atlantic City, but some find it sad to compare them to how things are today in Atlantic City.  Granted, the city needs lots of help in 2013, but I'll remind you that Atlantic City wasn't perfect in real life1951, either.

Anyway, check out this video of vintage Atlantic City and give me your thoughts in my comments section below.