Total disclosure?  I use a droid and I have never owned an Apple product. But we all know plenty of people who swear by their iPhone, and have that snooty way of looking down their nose at you while they are doing it.

So, courtesy of, here's a list of cool stuff you can do with your beloved iPhone that you might not have known.

I have to admit several of them are pretty cool, especially #1 and #8!

You can also see more information about each one of the tricks in the dose article.

Oh, one more thing.  The stunt pictured with the girl using the "iPhone mustache" is not one of the tricks listed.  You could probably figure that one out on your own if that's your kind of fun.

iPhone users, here are 19 things you may not have realized your phone can do:

1. If you shake it you can undo an action.

2. Double tap the space bar to add a period and start a new sentence.

3. Use the volume buttons to take photos when in camera mode.

4. You can train Siri to pronounce words correctly.

5. Hold down the camera button to take burst photos.

6. Move your finger down your screen to change the quality of the video you're streaming.

7. Slide your texts to the left to see a time stamp from your conversation.

8. Swipe left on the compass app and it becomes a level.

9. Switch to airplane mode and your phone will charge faster.

10. Instead of vibrating or ringing you can change your phone to do an LED flash.

11. Set a timer for listening to music or audiobooks before bed.

12. You can create a longer passcode with letters.

13. Ask Siri what flights are overhead to learn about flight patterns.

14. You can set your phone to read texts aloud.

15. You can change your vibration pattern.

16. Hold down the "." For web suffixes options.

17. Take a screen shot by holding home and the on off button at the same time.

18. Hold down the compose icon and get a list of your contacts.

19. Create your own shortcuts.