Get ready to hold your ears because a very loud bug that comes out every 17-years is expected to emerge from the ground this spring along the East Coast.

The cicadas have been underground since the Clinton administration. They come out every 17-years and are expected to be seen later this month in South Jersey and from the Carolinas to New York.

Cicadas are harmless bugs, though males can make a loud buzz when they're alarmed-- and they're big enough to startle humans. You shouldn't be startled for long though, the life span of the average cicada is only about 2-4 weeks. Here is more on the life and cycle of the cicadas from USA TODAY.

Scientists say cicadas stay alive underground by drawing fluid from the roots of plants during those 17-years.

If you are feeling adventurous once the cicadas arrive, you may even want to put them on the menu for dinner. Over the years, cicadas have been considered a culinary treat in some cultures, including in the American South.

They tell me a dry-roasted cicada tastes a lot like asparagus.  Here is a link to  popular cicada recipes.  Let me know how that goes, because I'm not feeling that adventurous.