Valentine's Day gift shopping can get complicated and expensive especially if you're on a tight budget.
 Here are 14 frugal ways to say Happy Valentine's day to your special someone:

1. Clean The House-- Clean the entire house or just do a couple of chores for your Valentine. It will be much appreciated.

2. Make A heart-shaped breakfast-- This will go a long way... Slices of bacon can be folded in the shape of a heart. Bread can be cut into a heart shape. Use a metal heart-shaped cookie cutter to crack an egg in.

3. Write a love letter---  Detail all the reasons why you love your Valentine.

4. Plan a flashback night--  Go back to when you were first dating and plan a night around things that remind you of when you first met.

5. Make a homemade Valentine's Card--  Nothing fancy.. Just make it personal and special for your Valentine.

 6. Plan a Valentine's scavenger hunt-- You can hunt for chocolates or a love note.

7. Prepare their favorite meal or dessert-- Think about their favorites foods while you shop for dinner.

8. Create a photo album or a scrapbook--   Fill it with photos of you and your Valentine. This also can be done online.

9. Give a single flower or a potted plant-- A single flower can also be romantic. Potted flowers are less expensive than bouquets.

10. Make your own chocolates-- Shop for chocolate, butter, cream and flavoring

11. Mark your Calendar with love notes--  List reasons why your Valentine is special and why you love them. Make an online calendar.

12. Watch a romantic movie at home--  Have chocolates for snacks. Prepare drinks and have a blanket ready to get cozy.

13. Hide a love note--  Write a note to the one you love and place it somewhere you loved one will easily find it.

14. Have someone else watch the kids--  Enjoy some alone time with the one you love..

Hope this helps...  Happy Valentines Day from Lite Rock!