Driving through Williamstown the other day, I got to thinking about some chain restaurants that seem to be lacking in the immediate area.

Now, I know a Tim Horton's is about to open in Stratford by the hospital, and there's no shortage of bars and restaurants popping up along Berlin-Cross Keys Road, but what about right in the middle of town?

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Having grown up in Williamstown, I have lots of memories of always having to go to Turnersville or the Deptford Mall for something (long before Walmart was built on Malaga Road -- or even before Walmart was at Cross Keys).

The other day I was in CVS and I was looking at that big, empty lot across the street -- Quality Discount Furniture was there back in the day -- the one right next to Norton Funeral Home.

Former Quality Discount Furniture store on the Black Horse Pike in Williamstown NJ in September 2013 - Photo: Google Maps

That's a big lot. And some cool things could go there to help give a shot-in-the-arm to businesses in the area. What about these ideas?

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