With summer in full swing, temperatures are rising as we speak! Though we all suffer the effects of extreme heat, it’s safe to say some of us have it worse than others.

If you catch yourself complaining about heat in the office, just be thankful you have air conditioning. Unfortunately, some jobs don’t have such a luxury...

Here are the 10 toughest jobs to work during a heat wave at the Jersey Shore:

  • 1

    Water Treatment Operator

    As if sewage isn't tough enough to deal with in the cold weather.

    Dave White
  • 2

    Mail Carrier

    These folks brave it through all kinds of weather… Heat waves are certainly no exception.

    Matteo De Stefano
  • 3

    Road Worker

    Let's not forget blacktop roads actually attract the heat...

    Ingram Publishing
  • 4

    Boardwalk Chef

    Imagine spending the hottest day of the year slaving over a stove.

  • 5


    While we enjoy our fruit on the beach, there is a dedicated farmer out there making it possible!

    Mihajlo Maricic
  • 6

    Camp Counselor

    Keeping track of kids can be a challenge at any time, but try doing it in 90 degree weather.

  • 7

    Roof Worker

    These guys are closer to the sun than any of us.

  • 8

    Boardwalk Custodian

    Sadly, our boardwalk restrooms are not air conditioned.

  • 9


    You can find our friends at the Cape May Zoo working physically demanding jobs outdoors every day in the summer.

  • 10


    Of course, we can't forget the local heroes that face excessive heat every single day in order to protect us from danger.