The assignment?  Write ten things about yourself that the average listener to the Lite Rock Morning Show might not know.

My challenge?  We are raising our house this winter (fact #2) and many of the accompanying photos I would like to include are in storage, or they are lost, or I just don't know where they are anymore.

One of the consequences of moving around the country to different radio jobs all your adult life is, you lose a lot of stuff along the way.

Anyway, here are 10 things you probably didn't know about me, Eddie Davis.




  • 1

    Sharp Dresser (as a Child)

    I'll never know if my mother thought all these little shorts and bow tie outfits she dressed me in as a kid were fashionable or if she just had a cruel sense of humor.

    Photo: Eddie Davis
  • 2

    Raised My House This Winter

    We got about four inches of flood water on the lower level of our house during Hurricane Sandy.  Like many people in South Jersey, we decided to raise the house this winter so that doesn't happen again. I really like the addition of the porta-potty on my front lawn and plan to keep it even though the work is finished.

    Photo: Eddie Davis
  • 3

    Thousands of Pictures of My Kids in Phone

    This isn't that unusual for parents these days, but I've got a ton of pictures of my daughters Eileen and Bridget in my phone. Their nine years on earth are well-documented on my cell, which reminds me, I'd better back up all those photos!

    Photo: Eddie Davis
  • 4

    I Studied in Scotland

    I spent a summer during college studying at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. That summer remains one of the best experiences of my life. I know what you are thinking. No, that's not me wearing the kilt in that picture.

    Getty Images
  • 5

    My Wife Is Very Talented

    My wife Beth is very musical!  She has such natural talent and plays the flute, the piano and dabbles at other instruments.


    Photo: Eddie Davis
  • 6

    Runs (or walks) in Thanksgiving Day Roadrace

    My wife's hometown is Manchester CT. and I have participated in the Manchester Thanksgiving Day Roadrace for 15 straight years, even though my knees are shot and these days I have to walk the course with my dog Sheba.

    Photo: Eddie Davis
  • 7

    My Handwriting Is So Bad, I Can't Even Read It

    You have heard of cursive handwriting?  My handwriting is more accurately described as "cursed".  I blame the nuns who taught me in grade school and insisted on teaching me to write with my right hand even though I am left-handed.

    Photo: Eddie Davis
  • 8

    Tells a Mean Ghost Story

    I have been known to tell a ghost story so scary, you won't sleep for a week.  Be afraid, be very afraid.

    Photo: Eddie Davis
  • 9

    Worked at Ed Zaberer's Restaurant in Wildwood

    In the 1980's I moved to West Wildwood and worked for a year as a waiter at Zaberer's Restaurant in North Wildwood, while working part-time at a couple of South Jersey radio stations. Why not just work full-time in radio?  At that time, Zaberer's paid better, plain and simple.

    Photo: Eddie Davis
  • 10

    My Dad Is 92-Years-Old

    My father celebrated his 92nd birthday in June! He recently broke his hip and has been in rehab trying to get back on his feet. Dad's always been a role model to me and I love him dearly.

    Photo: Eddie Davis