I seldom miss the opportunity to vote. That’s mainly because I was spoon-fed of its importance and the enormous price paid for the privilege by my ancestors. However, I must admit there are challenges in getting out to the polls during the school and fire district elections, especially with the odd polling hours and locations.

A bill signed into law by Governor Chris Christie this week allows towns to move School Board and Budget Elections from April to November during the General Elections. Now bill, A-4394/S-3148 doesn’t force towns to move School Elections, which the Governor isn’t happy about, it’s permissive and comes with an incentive.

For towns that chose to move School Elections to November, a school budget that doesn’t exceed a 2 percent tax increase, wouldn’t need voter approval.

State officials are hoping the change will encourage more voter participation. Take our poll and leave your comments; would you vote in the school board and budget elections in November?