61% of all Americans will watch the big game on Sunday.  7 out of every 10 men and... more than half the women. That's a lot of people! Almost all of them will watch the game at a Super Bowl party.  Maybe your Super Bowl party. Let's face it, some of them are going to get on your nerves.

Enter the annoying Super Bowl Guest survey.  Hey, how would we know who is really annoying us the most on Super Bowl Sunday without this survey?

Well, it turns out, we find the Know- it-all more annoying (52%) than the remote dominator or the social butterfly, along with several lesser, but somewhat, annoying types.

The survey, conducted for CouponCabin.com, by Harris Interactive found 52 percent of U.S. adults said the know-it-all was the worst party guest, but there were several other types of annoying party guests.

Here are the results of the survey.  You can use this as a conversation starter while watching Sunday's game and have facts to back you up.  Just remember, nobody like a know-it-all.

The survey also found:

-- 41 percent said the remote dominator was the most annoying. This is the person who won't stop controlling the volume, changing the settings and flipping channels.

-- 38 percent said the worst guest was the social butterfly. Someone who doesn't watch the game and doesn't stop talking.

-- 21 percent said they didn't like the super fan, who doesn't let anyone forget by being decked out in his/her favorite team's gear and team colors.

-- 18 percent said the dieter, who counts calories on one of the most celebrated days of junk food and snacks.

-- 13 percent said the commercial watcher, who only pays attention during the commercials.

Who is the worst Super Bowl guest on your list?  Tell me in the comments section below and enjoy the game!