The healthy news is America is losing the drinking game. The U.S.A. sits well back-in-the-pack when it comes to how the the world boozes it up.

More men in Ireland drink, but drinkers in the African country of Mali drink everyone under the table.

Here's the link to an interesting post by Patrick Winn of, which compares the rate of drinking to excess around the world.

Binge drinking in select countries


A study found that 56% of men in Ireland binge drink at least once a week which tops the list. The US was towards the bottom of the list with 13%.

The women of Bosnia and Herzegovina are the biggest drinkers having an average of 35 drinks per week… again the US is towards the bottom of the list with nine drinks per week for women.

And when it comes to the number of drinks per week the average drinker has, Mali tops the list with 39 followed by Zimbabwe and South Africa with 37. The US was near the bottom with 15.