According to the new app that tells you which of your Facebook friends makes you the happiest, my wife is in 5th place behind three co-workers and her brother. In her defense, none of those other people has to live with me.

Hey, number five is better then some of my other (supposedly) close friends did in these rankings, with one even being given the designation "insufficient data". Ouch!  We really have to catch up, Kristen!

Research suggests that the emotions shared in friends’ Facebook posts have a real effect on our own status messages.

To determine your top friends, TIME magazine posted an app that takes into account mutual friends, who you appear with in photos, and whose posts you’ve frequently liked.

For any given status, it compares each word in that status to a list of hundreds of positive words like “hilarious” and “thoughtful”, and hundreds of negatives words like “disaster” and “pathetic.”

Over large numbers of posts, researchers found that the rate of positive posts is considerably higher on weekends.

Moods spike around holidays in both positive and negative directions and reliably dip when it is raining.

I can't vouch for the accuracy of your friends' "happiness factor", but the app is easy to try  and reasonably cool.