Wanna feel old in a hurry? This list should do the trick! The topic came to mind recently when I found myself reminiscing... to my kids about the days before cell phones.  They wanted to know why I didn't have any pictures of myself in my phone from when I was a kid. "Well, because we didn't have cell phones, let alone cell phone cameras.  What?!?"

Remember trying to find a quiet payphone when you wanted to have a private conversation while on the road?  If your under 20 years old, you don't.

Here's parts of a funny list by Jessica Misener on Buzzfeed.com which focuses on things we'll have to explain to our kids one day, from the olden days in the 1980's and 90's....

1. How sometimes when you called your friends, you'd have to talk to their parents first.

2. How writing a paper meant poring through encyclopedias.

3. Smoking and non-smoking sections in restaurants.

4. How taking a road trip meant buying a MAP first.

5. And how hard it was to fold back up.

6. How your parents would give you a 'friends and family calling card' when you went to camp.

7. How T9 texting changed everything.

8. What FILM was, and having to fill out the information on the film envelope, Then having no idea how the photos would come out.

9. How you used to pay for internet by the hour.

10. Talking to your friends meant actually seeing them face-to-face.

11. Dialing *69 to find out who called you.

12. Taping a song off the radio so you could hear it whenever you wanted.

13. But if you didn't have a fancy boom box, you'd hold a handheld tape recorder up to the speaker, and your mom would yell something in the background and ruin it.

14. How voicemail could only be played out loud... on an 'answering machine'.

15. Doing math problems on an overhead projector.

16. Not knowing what other people were doing if you weren't with them.

17. How family movie night meant driving to a Blockbuster video store.

18. How the only way to get song lyrics was if the artist printed them in the CD booklet.

19. How TV listings in the paper (or the TV Guide) was the only way to know what was on television.

20. When your mom left to go to the store, there was no way to reach her.

There are tons of other "back-in-the-day-isms".  If you have one, leave it in the comments section below.