The city of Wildwood joins the dog-friendly movement becoming more popular across the country with the grand-opening of their newly designated dog beach at Poplar Avenue this Saturday, June 14th at noon.

The designated dog beach is at Poplar Avenue, between the boardwalk and the water’s edge.

As a dog owner, the first thing I noticed when looking in to Wildwood's new dog beach is a regulation that dogs must be kept on leashes at all times.  Wildwood City Commissioner Peter Byron is quoted by the Cape May Herald as saying that rule could change down the road.

“We think we need to crawl before we can walk, and we understand that allowing the dogs to run totally free might be a little optimistic for the first year. I’m not saying that’s going to be the future, but let’s just concentrate on this summer and see how this works.”

While I understand the Commissioner's concern about taking this new city dog beach one step, or paw,  at a time, the truth is that most dog owners interested in taking their pets to the beach are doing so to let the animals run and swim; neither of which they can really do while on a leash.  Hopefully, Wildwood will reconsider the leash regulation.

Dogs will be permitted on the boardwalk at the access ramps of Poplar Avenue and Magnolia Avenue to access the beach.

Owners will be responsible for cleaning their dog’s waste using a waste disposal bag or container, and disposing of that bag in a designated dog waste trash bin.

Beach Patrol will have the authority to eject any person or dog if deemed appropriate to protect the health, safety and welfare of other dog beach and/or beach patrons.

Violations of the ordinance could result in a fine up to $200 and/or a restriction from the dog beach.

So, let the dogs out (on their leashes) this Saturday in the Wildwoods!