"Whoa,  those Wildwood days, wild, wild Wildwood days.  Every day's a holiday and every night is a Saturday night".  Wildwood's tram cars, as memorable a part of the town's Boardwalk experience as that old Bobby Rydell song,  are set to roll once again.  In a sure sign that summer will soon be here, the famous Wildwood tram cars debut on the Boardwalk this Friday,  May 11th. Wildwood's eight tram car... trains have been in winter hibernation recharging their batteries for a long summer of service.

The trams operate every day all summer beginning at 11a.m., running from 16th Street in North Wildwood to Crease Avenue at the end of the  Wildwood boardwalk, two miles in all.

This year, the trams' 63rd season, they'll  be a featured attraction during  Wildwood's Centennial celebration, transporting an estimated 600,000 people  up and down the Wildwood Boards.   With help from watchthetramcarplease.com, the official website of the Wildwood Centennial,  here are some facts and figures about the storied Wildwood Boardwalk tram cars.

- When the trains debuted in 1949, the fare was 10 cents, but today the fare is up to $2.50 one-way.

-Each tram car runs on a 36 DC-volt battery,  which is switched out half-way through the normal day to recharge for the next day.

-The famous "Watch the tram car, please" voice belongs to Wildwood resident Floss Stingel, who recorded it back in the 1970's.

- A round trip tram car ride takes about an hour