Governor Christie’s town hall tour made a stop in Vineland, where residents asked about the status of the state’s seven developmental centers, one of which is in their town.

Carol, a mom with a child who has a disability asked the governor about the current options for the Vineland Developmental Center and others like it around the state.

Christie said a task force is looking into closing some of them.

“I signed this bill earlier this month where we will be looking into closing some of these centers if it’s appropriate.”

But it won’t be a cost-saving measure.

“That entire pot of money that is spent on these centers would go to community grants and those grants would go to the families that need the support to be able to take care of that family member that is no longer institutionalized…either in the home or in a group home.”

Christie said he knows its a controversial issue. “I know its a jobs issue…but I am not going to put anyone’s job ahead of what’s in the best interest of a person who is developmentally disabled…I just won’t do it.”

Christie said New Jersey institutionalizes more developmentally disabled people than any other state except Texas.