The folks from Ventnor have watched and waited from afar all week, as most other South Jersey towns have re-opened to let their residents return... and see in what condition they will find their home.  As they've waited, frustration has grown and risen to the breaking point for those from Ventnor.

With that in mind, I wanted to share the latest progress update from Ventnor's Emergency Management director Bill Melfi, from a blog post on the city's Facebook page earlier this morning.  Things sound fairly positive, as you can read for yourself...good luck, Ventnor (and Atlantic City, too)!

Good Morning. Today I am going into the city and hope to have good news on opening up the city for residents. Yesterday everyone gave 125% again trying to make that happen. A crew from Arthur Henry Contractors was working to fix our sewer capacity issue so we can open I hope later today. Our Police Department under the direction of Chief Mike Miller and Capt Doug Biagi had the toughest job with s

afety and security patrols and check points to prevent and control entry. The biggest problem for today will be the debris removal plan. The millions of cubic yards of debris needs to go to the proper places. It has to be recycled properly and disposed of as per all state and federal regulations. This is a health and safety concern that I will deal with today. I was told to expect FEMA today for guidance on that issue. PLEASE BE PATIENT. I hope for good news later today. I am on the way back to the city at the end of this message.

Again I have to thank the Atlantic County Office of Emergency Management and the New Jersey State Police Office of Emergency Management for having my back on this operation. They keep me from going insane and make thing happen. The new lettering on my office door will say " Office of Emergency Management...We do not do miracles, you need to seek a higher authority for that"