The really good news is 98% of those who usually visit the Jersey Shore during the summer say they still... plan to visit this summer after Hurricane Sandy.  More good news is 13% of those tourists actually plan to visit for longer than they have in the past.

Not so good is the news that 20% of respondents say the Hurricane's aftermath will cause them to stay for a shorter time at the Shore this summer.

But there are certainly more encouraging statistics in this poll than we had reason to expect when Sandy plowed through the Jersey coastline in late October. The survey from the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers University was just released.

Here are some other findings from the survey of Jersey beach-goers by the numbers:

- 36% were day-trippers

- 21% visit for as long as 3 days

- 19% stay between 4 & 7 days

- 16% spend more than a week

-  8% stay the entire summer

Top destinations at the Shore:

- Atlantic City - 11%

- Seaside Heights- 10%

- Wildwood - 10%

- Long Beach island - 8%

- Point Pleasant - 7%

- Ocean City - 6%

- Cape May - 4%

- Sandy Hook - 4%

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