The time is close, the pressure is on.  Mother's Day is Sunday and you need a gift for dear old Mom.  Trust me, I've been there and I know  how it feels when you need a present for Mom fast and your creative juices are running on fumes.  But the temptation to do a rush job on mom's gift is to be resisted at all costs.  Remember, this the woman who spent nine months preparing to bring you in to the world and the next several decades trying to keep you in it.  She deserves more... than the slap-dab, wam-bam, thank you mom gifts listed below.  With help from those serious about their shopping folks at, here are the Top five gift NOT to give Mom for Mother's day.

1. Gag Gifts--Even if Mom has a sense of humor, she won't find a gift of bacon-flavored frosting or any other gag present funny. Don't treat the holiday like a joke.

2. Anything "As Seen on TV"—If you can't get off of the couch to find something Mom will really, check yourself. Think about what she really wants instead of giving her another Snuggie.

3. Diet Books—If you want your mother to be distant, get her a diet book.

4. Wrinkle Cream--Mother's Day is a time to celebrate her just the way she is. So skip the cosmetics and you'll remind her that she's loved--with her laugh lines and wrinkles.

5. Household Appliances--She may have said she wanted a vacuum cleaner or a mixer, but that doesn't make a household appliance a good gift idea. No woman wants to be reminded of household chores or think you're thinking of her as the one who does the cooking and cleaning.