There's a new poll from highlighting the most regretted jobs for the New Year. You may have one of the jobs that people regret. If you love what you do count yourself lucky!

5. Bank Teller. If your not a fan of customer service you may want to look for another career. This could be difficult job with low income.

Average Salary $24,400

4. Delivery Driver.. The work is extremely physical and the pay is low.

Average Salary $31,600

3. Secondary School Teacher. There is constant paperwork, challenges that arise that are surprising and you get to deal with parents and students who can be difficult to say the least..

Average Salary $43,800

2. Mechanic The hours are long, physical and of course dirty. Some are absolutely crazy about this line of work.

Average Salary $36,100

Number 1 Cashier  The pay is low, you have to interact with all types of people. 46% of cashiers regret this job.

Average Salary  $18,000