recently posted a long list of annoying Facebook behaviors.  The list was so long, IT got annoying!  To speed your trip and get right to the point of annoyance, I've shortened their list... to the Top Ten Most Annoying Things People Do on Facebook.  Take a look at my choices, and leave me your thoughts in the comments section.  Did I miss anything especially annoying?


1- Too Much Information Parents:

We love your babies, really we do. We do not, however, relish vivid descriptions of their every wee wee and poopee. And we especially don't look forward to 46 similar posts every single day.


2- Marketing:

Congratulations, you have a job! So does the majority of the rest of the 900 million people on Facebook. We simply ask one favor: If you wish to market, create a marketing page. If you wish to lose all your friends, keep spamming them with P90X ads.

3- Vaguebooking:

"Vaguebooking" is "An intentionally vague Facebook status update that prompts friends to ask what's going on, or is possibly a cry for help."

4- Unsolicited Check-Ins:

I really don't think anyone cares about our third trip to Dunkin' Donuts this week. For that matter, I'd prefer if my boss didn't learn about our weeknight rendezvous at the tavern.

5-Political Rants:

Does [insert politician here] reward you for being his top ultra liberal/conservative social media mouthpiece? He should.  This one is already getting ugly months before the election. Do you really think your post will change my political preferences?

6- The Phantom Tag:

I am not in that sunset picture, but you seem to want me to be. Or you just want me to hate you.

7- Creepers:

It's so refreshing to know that people subscribe to you for your intelligence and wit. Oh right, that and marriage proposals.

8- Publicizing Private Moments:

A) Full-blown conversations on Facebook between a couple that sees each other every day and may even be sitting next to each other on the couch, for all we know.

B) Posting publicly about private or sensitive matters pertaining to family, friends, legal matters, religious beliefs, health, violence or even feminine hygiene products (yes, we've seen it).

9- Urban Legends / Chain Letters:

"Repost this Facebook status to protect your privacy!" Sound familiar?

10- The "Arm Triangle of Insecurity":

The hand-on-hip trick creates a slimming effect, also known as the "skinny arm." It's especially effective when paired with a bent knee and photographed from the side. Only problem is it's no longer a secret of the sorority pros. Now everyone knows you're just trying to look skinny.