In case you didn't know, March is National Caffeine Awareness Month. I always try to watch how many cups of coffee I drink a day, but some days a single cup just doesn't cut it. If you're a coffee lover like me, you're always looking for that next great cup of coffee.

According to here are the five highest rated coffee shops to grab a cup of joe in South Jersey.

  • 1

    Cafe 2825

    The top rated coffee shop in Atlantic City belongs to Cafe 2825, which is located on Atlantic Ave. The reviews were outstanding for dinner, lunch, and of course a cup of coffee.

  • 2

    JJ’s Diner

    The highest rated cup of coffee in Pleasantville belongs to JJ's Diner on W. Delilah Road. This old school diner gets high marks for breakfast and of course a fresh cup of coffee!

  • 3

    Mad Dog Morgans

    If you're in Brigantine you might want to try Mad Dog Morgans for a outstanding cup of coffee. This establishment is located on W. Brigantine Ave. Trust me, the spinach omelette along with a hot cup of coffee is a great way to start the day!

  • 4

    Ventnor Coffee

    This is a great spot to grab a cup. Located on N. Dorset Ave, Ventnor Coffee got high marks for being an authentic coffee shop. It's a great place to have a cup and watch live music from local musicians.

    Wavebreakmedia Ltd
  • 5

    Sunryser Country Store & Deli

    The highest rated cup of coffee in Absecon belongs to the Sunryser Store and Deli on N. Shore Rd. Great place for breakfast, lunch and a cup to start your day.

    James McQuillan