The lite Rock Teacher of the Month for May is Christopher Connolly, a history teacher at Mainland... Regional High School in Linwood.

Connolly was nominated by his student David Wilson, who was impressed with his teaching style and his help in choosing a school curriculum.

David Wilson is now in the running for a $2000 scholarship Lite Rock will give to one of the students who nominates a deserving South Jersey teacher this school year.

Lite Rock will visit Mr. Connolly’s class with a Lite Rock pizza party.  Mr. Connolly wins a membership to Island Gym and Fitness for his selection as the Lite Rock Teacher of the Month.

Lite Rock Teacher of the Month nominations should only be about 100 words in length and are a great way of recognizing teaching excellence,  so consider entering in a nomination if you know of a teacher who is making a real difference in your child’s life.

Click the link to hear my conversation congratulating Mr. Connolly on becoming the Lite Rock Teacher of the Month.