Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell to Return to the North Pole For His Next Comedy
Get a few drinks in a group of guy-pals, and antics inevitably arise: doing donuts in an abandoned parking lot, maybe hitting a strip club, the odd snowmobile expedition to the North Pole — you know, guy stuff. That last one actually happened to a group of foolhardy drinking buddies in 1968 Minnesot…
Will Ferrell Anchors a Real Newscast
Anchorman 2 is on the most anticipated movies to be released this year. Will Ferrell is on publicity tour to hype Anchorman 2 which opens nationwide on December 18th. Will and his famous famous burgundy blazer made a stop at a small TV station in North Dakota.
Kristen Wiig May Play a Lamp in Anchorman Sequel
That is a fact. She may be playing an inanimate object.
We'll get to that in a moment. Until then, we can say that rumors of  Kristen Wiig joining the cast of “Anchorman: The Legend Continues” have been confirmed by director Adam McKay.
10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Elf’
The Will Ferrell holiday classic 'Elf' wasn’t supposed to be a hit. Despite being a heartwarming comedy released around the holiday season, it had several things going against it before the filmmakers had a chance to start shooting.
Hollywood’s Most Overpaid Actors Are…
Drew Barrymore and Eddie Murphy are Hollywood's most overpaid stars according to Forbes.com.  Barrymore saw her 2010 romantic comedy "Going the Distance" stiff at the box office, earning just, $17.8 million in ticket sales.  Forbes.com says the actress returns just 4…