How You Can Score Free Stuff for Tax Day 2017
We get a (small) break this year when it comes to filling our taxes. Unlike other years, you have until April 18th (tomorrow) to get everything in to the IRS. Some of you, myself included, waited until the very last minute and are now scrambling. But hey, if you're feeling stressed, maybe …
5 Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund in South Jersey
I recently did a blog concerning the surge of IRS phone scams in South Jersey. My wife and I actually received one of these phony messages from a scammer. Luckily, we didn't fall for the scam. Now it's time to start figuring out how we want to spend our 2015 tax returns.
Beware of South Jersey Tax Scam [VIDEO]
Tax season is in full swing, and so is the surge of IRS phone scams that circulates during filing season. Yesterday, my wife and I received a voice message from the IRS that made our hearts skip a beat.

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