South Jersey

Here Are Some of the Smallest Towns in South Jersey
South Jersey is famous for its beaches, boardwalks, casinos, restaurants and those awesome jug handles. But aside from the 'big city' (Atlantic City) and beach destinations, the area is full of small, normal towns. Have you ever wondered what some of South Jersey's smallest towns are?
What’s Left on Your South Jersey Summer 2017 Bucket List?
Now that it's almost officially August, the back-to-school displays are already up in all the stores, but I refuse to look at any of the Halloween displays that are starting to pop up. I can't believe we're in the home stretch of the summer! As the summer winds down, now&apo…
Beach Towns With the Most DWI Arrests
There are so many ways to have fun at the shore during the summer season. I love going out for dinner with friends and family, but of course, when alcohol is involved, you need to realize how dangerous of a risk it is to drink and drive.

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