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8 Tips for Surviving Seasonal Allergies
While spring weather is welcomed with open arms, it also means the beginning of something that affects millions of people during this time of year. Allergy season is nearly upon us and the constant sneezing and itchy/watery eyes can be unbearable at times. There are steps we can take to help prepare…
The Eyes Have It – Healthy Vision on the Job
March is Workplace  Eye Wellness Month. Each day, more than 2,000 American workers suffer an eye injury, and nearly 1 million Americans have lost some of their sight due to an eye injury, according to Prevent Blindness America (PBA). But there are some easy steps we can take to ensure the healt…
Get Help For A Gambling Addiction
A night out in Atlantic City every once in a while can be a whole lot of fun, but for some people, that fun can turn into a nightmare. Gambling addiction can happen to anyone and can be a bigger trap than you think.
Get Hip – New Advancements in Hip Surgery
Hip pain is a common complaint that can be cause by a variety of issues.  The location of the pain can offer valuable insight in the underlying cause. Pain on the outside of your hip, upper thigh or outer buttock is usually caused by problems with muscles, ligaments, tendons and other soft tiss…
How Trans Fat is Making Us Sick
Baked goods, deep fried food, margarine and even some crackers. What do these foods all have in common? Trans-fats. The Institute of Medicine states that steady consumption of trans-fats has led to an alarming increase in heart disease and unhealthy cholesterol levels around the country.
How to Spot an Eating Disorder
Eating disorders are so common that most of us know somebody who has one,  but we may not even know it.   People with an eating disorder are often good at hiding it.  About 30 million people in the US suffer from some sort of eating disorder and while they are traditionally assoc…
Cancer Survivor Dances Down Runway
The last place you would expect to see a cancer survivor is on the runway at at a show during New York Fashion Week, but that is exactly where New Jersey resident and stage 4 cancer patient Roseanne Gianalella found herself dancing and modeling a few weeks ago.
What’s So Super About Superfood?
If you want to really feel like a superman or superwoman try eating some superfoods. Superfoods don’t have a clear definition but they are commonly known as food that have high nutritional value. They could be high in antioxidants, aid in digestion, or contain important vitamins and …
How Healthy Is Your Heart? Take This Online Quiz
While most of us know that heart disease is the number one cause of death in men and women, many of us may not know all the factors that affect the health of our heart. The American Heart Association has created a list of seven ways to improve our cardiovascular health.
Behind The Scenes of Pet Surgery
When your pet needs surgery, you drop him off to the doctor, you are reassured that he is in good hands, and the door closes behind you. What really happens during the procedure? Now, Dr. Mark Newkirk of Newkirk Family Veterinarians shows us the instruments, tools and procedures he uses to make sure…

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