Health Update

3 Reasons Not to Sleep Near Your Cell Phone
So many of us are guilty of being attached to our phones. If you are like the majority of cell phone users, you sleep with your cell either next to you on your nightstand or in bed with you or under your pillow.  But this is a habit many experts say we might want to think twice about.
How To Find Hidden Sugars
Most of us eat too much sugar but did you know that sugar can hide in up to 74% of all foods. Even some healthy foods include a lot of sugar.
National Wear Red Day! Go Red For Women!
Get your red on this Friday February 2nd for National Wear Red Day to support Go Red for Women, an initiative by The American Heart Association to increase awareness and prevent heart disease and stroke in women.
Why You Need to Check Your Home for Radon
January is National Radon Action Month.  During this month the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) brings awareness and encourages all of us to get our homes tested. Radon can be a very harmful substance found in our homes, and this leads us to the question: What is Radon?

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