Health Update With Robin Stoloff

Get Fit While You Work
If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to spend more time getting fit, you might find that it is not always easy to squeeze a workout into a busy work schedule.  The American Heart Association suggests that we get at least 75 minutes of vigorous exercise or 150 minutes of low…
Cope With Stress in a Healthy Way
Hey, we all feel it from time to time. In today’s modern world, the combination of work and life can often be really stressful. Our body responds to stress with the fight-or-flight response, good for reacting quickly in an emergency or during physical events like sports.
Sugar Ain’t So Sweet
It’s just the way life goes - the foods we like most are usually the ones that are the worst for us and sugar is no exception. One of the reasons that added sugars are harmful is increased inflammation that can lead to disease.  Too much sugar can actually affect  our brain…
Little Gland, Big Problems
January is Thyroid Awareness Month. Located in the front of our neck, this butterfly shaped gland  may be small but it can affect major functions of our body.  Under-active and over-active thyroid are commons issues that directly affect our metabolism.
6 Fixes for Oily Hair
If you wash your hair every day, especially with harsh shampoo you could actually be making it oilier.   A hair stylist once told me that one of the best thing you can do for you hair is wash it less often.
The First Thing We Should Do Each Day
It is no surprise that the number one new year’s resolution is to lose weight and eat better. That should include taking time to eat a healthier breakfast.  But, sometimes breakfast can be the last thing on our mind in the morning before heading out the door.
8 Steps to Finally Quit Smoking
If quitting smoking is at the top of your new year’s resolutions, it is one of the biggest steps you can make to add years and better health to your life. Over time, smoking becomes a strong habit.
Daily events, like waking up in the morning, finishing a meal, drinking coffee, or taking a break at w…
Dessert Recipes To Feel Good About
Cookies, cakes and candy are everywhere this time of year. But what if you can actually enjoy all your favorite desserts and feel a little better about it? If you are the one doing the cooking, there are lots of ways to make your favorite recipes healthier.
Problems With Your Medicine? Try Compoundng
Before drugs were manufactured in factories, pharmacists prepared them by hand according to recipes in small quantities. Technology has advanced to enable drugs to be made in large amounts, but the need for customized dosage strengths and form still exists. Compounding is the problem-solving pharmac…
The Cure For The Common Food Hangover
So you had all good intentions of maintaining your healthy eating plan at the party, but those chocolate chip cookies looked so good and that cheesecake was calling your name.   Then it was followed by, "Oh well I blew it now, so what’s the point?" &n…
Do You Worry Too Much? Take This Quiz.
People who struggle with worrying know that trying to stop will mostly likely only cause them to stew even more. Most of us worry about something from time to time, but how do you know when you are actually worrying too much?

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