Health Update With Robin Stoloff

Simple Ways To Rev Up Your Metabolism
We don’t have to be research scientists to realize that our metabolism slows with age. We lose muscle mass and our metabolism decreases by about 5% for every decade past age 40. Here's the good news - no matter what our age, we can take steps to keep our metabolism humming.
5 Dangers of Cough Medicine Abuse in Teens
Over-the-counter drugs are becoming some of the most abused drugs in America today, especially cough syrup. The main ingredient in most readily available cough syrups that teens are getting addicted to is dextromethorphan, or DXM.
Why You Should Call Hospice Sooner
"I wish I had called hospice sooner!"  That is the sentiment often heard by Dan Mikus, Administrator of Angelic Hospice in Northfield, NJ.  Hospice offers at least a six-month benefits, yet most people call during the last 20 days of an illness.
3 Reasons Not to Sleep Near Your Cell Phone
So many of us are guilty of being attached to our phones. If you are like the majority of cell phone users, you sleep with your cell either next to you on your nightstand or in bed with you or under your pillow.  But this is a habit many experts say we might want to think twice about.

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