Congratulations to Helen Iaconelli, the new Lite Rock Teacher of the Month!  Mrs. Iaconelli is a teacher at the Sovereign Avenue School in Atlantic City.  This is her first year teaching the fifth grade, after being a fourth grade teacher for several years.  I spoke with her this morning on the Lite Rock Morning Show... to congratulate her on her award.  You can listen to our conversation by clicking the link below.  It's obvious that Mrs. Iaconelli is an enthusiastic and passionate person who cares deeply for her students.  We're glad to have her as the Lite Rock Teacher of the Month!

Her nominating student was Billy Adams, who personally wrote an adorable nominating e-mail.  Billy could be the winner of a $2000 scholarship at the end of the school year for putting in his nomination.

Mrs. Iaconelli wins prizes from Island Gym and a massage and facial from Dr. Lyle M. Back. We will also bring her class a pizza party courtesy of Tony Baloney Pizza in Atlantic City.

We only have one more opening for Lite Rock Teacher of the Month this school year.  If you know of a deserving teacher, put in a short nomination now!


Listen to my conversation with Mrs. Iaconelli on the Lite Rock Morning Show by clicking the link...

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