Six Flags Great Adventure is now open for Spring Break, and they have lots planned before the summer season, including a new makeover for a popular coaster!

This year the park will unveil the brand new 4-D coaster, The Joker (formerly known as Total Mayhem) in it's Lakefront section.

Blackbeard's Train will get a makeover this spring! (RONWYATTPHOTOS/Six Flags)

Right next door, the ride best known as Blackbeard's Train will transform into Harley Quinn's Crazy Train! In case you're not up on your Batman and related superhero stories, Harley Quinn is, for the most part, The Joker's girlfriend and general partner-in-crime.

The ride is considered one of the more 'family-oriented' coasters in the park, though it's not technically a kiddie ride. (It's also NOT the same ride as the Runaway Train over by the log flume.)

Blackbeard's train will get a facelift this spring, and transform into Harley Quinn's Crazy Train. (RONWYATTPHOTOS, Six Flags)

Harley Quinn's Crazy Train is expected to make it's debut in late April.

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