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Expert: Great White Shark Behind Remains in South Jersey
Sharks attacking dolphins, or at least trying to, probably happens quite a bit and we never even know about it.
Nonetheless, a visitor to one South Jersey beach over the weekend snapped a picture which might indicate sharks are getting extra hungry.
Official Memorial Day American Flag Protocol
As most of us probably know, besides the cookouts, trips to the beach, and time with family, Memorial Day is really about paying respect to Americans who have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect the freedoms we hold dear.
820-Pound Shark Caught Off Cape May
Over the past few weeks, the biggest thing most of the tri-state area has been talking about is Mary Lee, that 3,500-pound great white shark prowling the New Jersey coastline. But, big Mary isn't the only predator stalking our shores.
Last Chance to Vote!
Just in time for Mother's Day, we're sending one pair of mother and daughter to Atlantic City for an evening of pampering.
Get $5 Off Each America on Tap Ticket You Buy
The weather is just right for a trip to Sea Isle with a few beers and tons of friends. And as luck would have it, we're throwing a party in Sea Isle City with more than a few beers and hundreds of friends.
Woman Out Muscles Man on Flex Cam
Women in the Delaware Valley sure do pack some heat. In fact, one woman brought out her guns and put some dudes to shame.
Wawa to Change Its Game (a Bit)
For most people in and around the Delaware Valley, Wawa is a way of life. However, the Pennsylvania-based company is about to throw out a game-changer.