Anyone who has ever dated has faced that awkward moment on the first date when it's time to say goodnight. What to say?  Do you try for a kiss?  Will I get invited inside for a drink?

Often if it wasn't clear how well the date was going, the goodbye tells the story.

When that dating story doesn't end well, you can chalk the whole night up to experience and be thankful the final scene didn't play out on YouTube for all to see...unless you are this guy.

In this video posted in November 2013, a couple are caught by security camera saying what appears to be their goodbye after a first night out.

The man gently brushes the girl's hair back and prepares to move in for the good night kiss, only to have her extend her hand for a quick shake and a hug on the run to avoid any good night kisses.

Now the video has gone viral with over a million views.

As the guy who posted the video says in his remarks, "I can feel his pain."