Sheba's official DNA results are here...and I'm as surprised as you will be.

First a little background.  As I told you in the last blog about Sheba's ancestry, we had been curious about her breeding since adopting her about five months ago... from the Humane Society of Ocean City.  We will all love her just as much, regardless, but it's nice to be able to answer the question, "what kind of dog is that?"

We bought a  "Mixed Breed Identification Test" from the Mars Veterinary Lab at a local pet shop for  $80.  It comes with two two swabs you rub on the dog's cheek, then pack them up in the mailer and wait about two weeks for the lab results.

Over the last few days,  I've given Lite Rock listeners the chance to look at Sheba's photo and take their best guess about her breeding.  Don't feel bad if you didn't come close with your guess.  Either did I!

The DNA results show Sheba is a mix of Chow Chow/Newfoundland and Pembroke Welch Corgi mix.   In other words, we probably should have called Sheba "Stewy".  But it's the kinds of dogs she mixed with that surprised us.  She doesn't appear to look at all like a Chow Chow or a Newfoundland!  She does bear similarities in appearance and personality to a Corgi, though.  Sheba's head and ears are almost an exact match for pictures of  a Corgi.  But she a bigger dog, not miniature, like a Corgi.  I guess her size comes from the other side of the family. You can see the actual ancestry lab sheet from Mars Veterinary below.

Anyway, now we know about Sheba's ancestry.  Only one guess received in the post-blog comments section mentions any of  the breeds in Sheba's mix and that was from Lite Rock Facebook fan Kathryn Buckreis Hruschka, who guessed Corgi.

Congratulations, Kathryn, you win dinner for two during Atlantic City Restaurant Week,  courtesy of Lite Rock 96.9 WFPG!