The Coast Guard will continue searching today for a sea tow boat captain who went missing ... after leaving Atlantic City's Farley State Marina Tuesday morning about 7:45am.

David McAuliffe was the only crew member aboard the 45-foot sea tow boat Cape Hatteras when it left dock headed for C-Jam Marina in Somers Point.

An alert was received about 10:45am by the Coast Guard, who arrived at the scene approximately a mile and a half off of the southern end of Ocean City within seven minutes.

A debris field and an oil slick were discovered at the sight given by the emergency beacon, but there was no sign of the missing boat or McAuliffe. The Coast Guard continued helicopter search flights until dark Tuesday and two Coast Guard rescue boats remained at the scene overnight..

David McAuliffe, 32, of Egg Harbor Township, captains the Hatteras, a boat which tows and assists other boats that encounter problems at sea.

The Cape Hatteras did have safety equipment and a suit aboard the boat which could have helped McAuliffe survive in ocean water temperatures below 50 degrees.