This is a devastating turn of events!  One of my boyhood favorite cartoon characters is heading for the old-fashioned soda shop in the sky. 

Archie Andrews, the namesake character of Archie Comics is being killed off by his own cartoon!  That's cold blooded! Riverdale High School will never be the same.

Although it's a little embarrassing now, I was a fan of Archie comics.  Betty and Veronica were two of my early crushes. Some boys liked Betty more; others Veronica.  I liked them both.  Looking back, that was an early sign of what was to come in my future.

Archie is being killed off in July in the final two issues of Life with Archie.

When I heard about Archie's demise,  I would have bet Jughead had something to do with it.  I never trusted him.  But that's not what happens.

Archie will die saving the life a close friend in "Life with Archie" No. 36. Issue 37 focuses on his friends Jughead, Betty, Veronica and Reggie remembering his life.

Archie Comics, in publication since 194, sure has been taking more plot chances since I stopped reading it in third grade.  They introduced a gay character in 2010 and now this.

"Life with Archie" focuses on Archie and the gang's post-college adult years.

The character  will stay alive in other Archie comics which focus on his teen years.