February’s Lite Rock Teacher of the Month is Michelle Stevenson, a health and P.E. teacher at Pleasantville High School

Monday, I went to visit Michelle Stevenson’s class for a Lite Rock pizza party. Michelle also won a membership to Island Gym & Fitness.

Julia Monroe is now in the running for a $2000 scholarship for nominating a deserving teacher to be the Lite Rock Teacher of the Month.

Your nomination only has to be about 100 words and should give a good explanation of what makes the teacher an excellent choice to be the Lite Rock Teacher of the Month.

We had a fun time meeting Michelle Stevenson, eating pizza and visiting with the senior  members of Pleasantville's Teen Pep organization (Teen Prevention Education Program).  A fun time was had by all!

Click the link to hear a snippet of my visit to Michelle Stevenson’s class…