Have you ever wondered just how safe your debit card really is? I know it's so simple and easy to use especially if your running low on cash. There are some places to definitely avoid using your card.According to  bankrate.com these are the places you should avoid using your debit card. I've got to admit I'm guilty of using my card at every single place mentioned.

1.  The gas station.  It’s easy for your debit card info to be skimmed at gas stations by thieves targeting gas pump payment machines.  Pay with cash or a credit card instead.

2.  Restaurants. When it’s time to pay the bill, the server walks away with your debit card.    Experts say it’s best to skip the debit card in favor of cash or credit.

3.  Skimming ATMs.  Outside ATMs are a target for thieves trying to skim your info.  Use an ATM inside that’s well lit and is in a high traffic area.

4.  Online.  Boy was I guilty of this during the holidays. Shopping online is a breeze but it’s also very risky.  Avoid the risk and use a credit card instead.

Hope this tips help you to be a little more cautious when you whip out you debit card..