We finally got some news on the repaving working being done on Tilton Road. According to Atlantic County Executive Denny Levinson, the on going repaving project should be completed in three months. Currently construction workers are completing the last phase of work on Tilton Road. Construction on the project began on the ten mile stretch of Tilton Road in 2001.

The county has already installed a $2.5 million drainage basin between Route 9 and Burton Avenue . The second phase of work started in 2012 which includes installation of a new main drainage line.

Curbing work will be done in phased during the weekday but, all repaving work will be done during the evening and overnight hours. Tilton Road will remain open.

Our studious are located right in the middle of all the construction work on Tilton Road. I drive through the constriction on a daily basis... The delays haven't been that bad but, I'll be glad when the project will finally be done!