An uneventful Sunday afternoon suddenly turned scary for me and my neighbors yesterday,  when a woman, who apparently was using her phone while driving,  hit a parked car on my street... and flipped her vehicle.

The accident was especially alarming to me because it happened less than a block from my home in Margate, on a street and sidewalks where my family walk and drive everyday.

The only person injured this time was the driver.  I don't know her or her name and the point of this blog is not to single her out personally, but to offer another example of how dangerous texting and driving can be.

This didn't happen on a highway with a speed limit of 50 or 60 miles an hour.  It happened on a residential street in a quiet neighborhood with a posted speed of 25 miles per hour, although I am hard-pressed to believe the driver was going only that fast.

Maybe you think that using a cell phone on a busier road or a highway is dangerous but that it's no big deal in your neighborhood. You're on your own turf, right?  I know I've been guilty of thinking that's true.  Look at the picture. It turns out that's not true.  You can still cause harm to yourself or others even in your neighborhood.