As concerns about West Nile virus increase around South Jersey, The Atlantic County Office of Mosquito Control plans to treat parts of Brigantine this Thursday, Sept. 20th between 5-7a.m. The spraying is part of an ongoing effort to control adult mosquito populations and reduce the spread... of mosquito-borne illness.

Here is a press release from Atlantic County detailing how and where the spraying will be completed and precautions you should take if you live in Brigantine.  You'll also see a map of the intended spray area below.


"Weather permitting the Atlantic County Office of Mosquito Control plans to treat parts of Brigantine City as part of its ongoing effort to control adult mosquitoes. The spraying using ground application equipment will take place Thursday morning September 20, between 5:00am and 7:00 am. Truck spraying will be done using Scourge, the trade name for resmethrin, applied as an ultra low volume aerosol. The affected areas will be the golf course neighborhood, north of Roosevelt Blvd, between Beach Avenue and North Shore Drive.

The EPA does not require relocating or taking special precautions during mosquito control spraying, however, people may choose to avoid or minimize exposure by:

- Staying indoors during application to immediate area
- Keeping windows shut, window fans and air conditioners off ( or set to circulate indoor air) during spraying
- Keeping children's toys indoors
- Keeping pets indoors, as well a their food, water dishes and toys.

Mosquito Control officials remind residents of the importance of removing standing water from their properties and cleaning their gutters to eliminate potential mosquito breeding grounds."