The results of a survey conducted by DryNites diapers  in the U.K. came out last week and caught my attention while I was on vacation.  The company asked 2000 mothers what they thought were the most challenging parts of being a parent. The results were... tallied and the top 50 challenges were published.  The challenges mentioned cover birth through school age and prove one thing...parents sure are a challenged bunch!

Take a look at the list and give me your feedback in the comments section below.  Do any of these really strike home with you?  Are there any you don't think were all that challenging? For instance, number 15 seems a little nit-picky to me.  As a parent though, I have to agree with the majority of this list!

TOP 50 CHALLENGES FACED BY PARENTS (According to mothers)

1. Sleepless nights/sleep deprivation

2. Tantrums

3. Having patience

4. Keeping on top of the household chores

5. Getting children to eat the right foods

6. Potty training

7. Sibling rivalry

8. Juggling childcare

9. Give your child what they want without spoiling them

10. Getting children to clean their teeth properly

11. Dealing with an ill child

12. Leaving your baby for the first time

13. Getting a baby to sleep through the night

14. Getting a baby/child to sleep at night

15. Not constantly worrying and wrapping your child in cotton wool

16. Getting children to do their homework

17. Encouraging your children to concentrate and work hard at school

18. Tackling bullying

19. Going back to work after having a baby

20. Keeping an eye on your child 24/7

21. Encouraging your children to be friends with the right crowd

22. Getting into a routine with a new baby

23. Trying to stop children spending too much time in front of a computer/TV

24. Bed-wetting

25. Getting a toddler to stay in bed

26. Getting time off work when your children are ill

27. Your child’s first day at nursery/pre-school

28. Your child’s first ever day at school

29. Teaching them the value of money

30. Dealing with other people’s opinions on your parenting skills

31. Having to answer constant questions, even when you don’t really know the answer

32. Keeping a lid on bad language

33. Getting to school on time

34. Other competitive moms

35. Helping children to take the right path through their education

36. Keeping your children in clothes that fit when they outgrow things so quickly

37. Teaching them that fighting and hitting is wrong

38. Finding time to do your child’s reading homework every night

39. Keeping an eye on what your children are looking at online/watching on TV etc

40. Children taking exams

41. Trying to convince doctors to listen and take you seriously

42. Your child’s first day at secondary school

43. Leaving your children with a babysitter for the first time

44. Remembering to fill in all school paperwork

45. Preventing children from smoking

46. Explaining birth, life and death

47. The Birds and the bees chat

48. Coping when you’re child’s first pet has died and knowing what to say

49. Knowing how to react when they use their first swear word

50. Clingy children