What happened to the smiley face? That's been a recurring question from my kids every time we've driven through Longport over the last couple of years.

They haven't been the only ones wondering why the happy face painted on Longport's water tower has disappeared.

People in the tiny borough will tell you they hear questions about the tower's missing smile all the time. The smiley face, along with the slogan, "The Best Port Longport",  had been a staple on Longport water tower since 1982.

The answer to what happened dates back to to an uncompleted 2012 restoration project on the tower.  Longport says the company they contracted to do structural work left the job unfinished on the $600,000 project, and now the town is considering legal action.

But, according to the Press of Atlantic City, Longport has now hired a second company, Salem County's Corrosion Control Corporation, to finish the work, and when the weather warms up, to repaint the tower and return the smile to Longport. The work is scheduled to begin Thursday.

By this summer, Longport should have its smile back!  My kids will be very happy to hear the news..