This is an update on the blog I wrote earlier this week,  passing on the sad news that the host of the Lite Rock nighttime love songs show, Delilah, had a death in her family.  Her adopted son, Sammy, died over the weekend of sickle cell anemia.  Sammy, one of seven children Delilah has adopted, was a Liberian refugee... found in an orphanage in Ghana, West Africa two years ago.  Being homeless, with no other family, very little was known about Sammy's early life or heritage.

Once in a Delilah's family though, the boy blossomed , and, as you might imagine, they are all devastated by his death.

I have included some of the posts Delilah has made about Sammy and the preparations for his funeral. I've also posted a link to the Point Hope organization Delilah founded to help "forgotten  children", as Delilah calls them,  like Sammy.

You are welcome to leave your thoughts and condolences for Delilah in the comments section below, and we'll make sure to pass them on to her.

Delilah writes...."I had the heartbreaking task of going to the funeral home today to meet with a funeral director, David. He was so kind and sweet, and said "tell me a bit about your son Sammy"....two hours later I was still talking and had not even scratched the surface of who Sammy me a favor tonight, if you have children tell them one more time how much you love and cherish them, you don't know what tomorrow will bring...

Hundreds of you have called the station, and have written to me offering your love and support. Thank you, thank you, thank you. My heart is shattered, but I have peace knowing how deep Sammy's faith was and knowing he is no longer suffering in pain. If you want to do something to honor the life of my son, go to and say that you know that Sammy lived..."