I've always been fascinated with magic tricks and magicians ever since I was a kid. There is something so special and exciting about being able to do the impossible. 

I would always wonder how the heck did they do that after watching an incredible magic trick. Check out my video of a easy magic trick using an everyday household item, and don't forget to check out professional magician Chad Juros who will be performing live at our bigger and better Kidabaloo 2016 live at Atlantic Christian School on March 19th!


Kidabaloo will feature portable car racing, giant inflatables, Zumba dancing, Chubby Penguin Parties and Disney Star Lauren Taylor from "Best Friends Whenever".

Here are 4 other simple magic tricks you can use to impress your kids, coworkers, or friends!

  • 1

    This Is the Last Straw

  • 2

    Household Magic

  • 3

    Where My Money?

  • 4

    Quit Coining Around