The popular nightly game at my house this summer is frog hunting. Every night after dinner, the hunting party convenes in the front yard determined to track down some of the many croakers inhabiting my block, but mostly around my house.

The hunting is plentiful; the record catch for one's night hunt so far this summer is 30 frogs!

How was I so fortunate to have the distinction of being the owner of the home with the neighborhood reptilian zoo, to go along with our yard's other functions as the neighborhood motocross bike track, the baseball diamond, the doll hair-brushing salon, the mini-basketball court, the water-balloon launching pad and the tree-climbing capital of New Jersey?

On this particular night,  the hunting posse includes my daughters Bridget and Eileen (in order of appearance) and their friend Kevin from across the street.

Take a look at what a night of frog hunting is like at my house...