Win tickets to see the top ten singers from Season 12 of American Idol live at the Trump Taj Mahal, Friday, August 16th, playing Impossible Trivia this week on the Lite Rock Morning Show.




See Season 12 champ Candice Glover, the first female Idol winner since Jordan Sparks won in 2007, along with runner-up Kree Harrison and all this year’s top American Idol singers perform live at the Taj.  Win a pair of tickets from me this week at 7:20am on the Lite Rock Morning Show.

This morning’s holdover question:Most college graduates have experienced at least two of these, but the majority of high school graduates have only experienced one of them.  What is it?

The answer?  After hearing many hints and guesses, Jackie from EHT won when she said....different home states!  A survey shows that two-thirds of college graduates have lived in at least two different states (while not in college), but only 40% of high school graduates have ever lived outside their home state.